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Divorce Law

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Divorce Law Ontario

The process of separation and divorce is stressful, painful and can be emotionally draining on all members of the family.  The team at Daly Law can help you get through this difficult time while protecting your interests.  Contact Diane Daly before you make any decisions regarding the dissolution of a marriage to avoid making costly mistakes.


The first step in a divorce proceeding, ideally, is to negotiate the terms of a separation agreement . If there are children involved, a court will want to insure that the best interests of the children have been addressed - usually in a separation agreement. - before you can finalize your divorce.

The issues that are addressed in a separation agreement are:

  1. Custody and Access – including the children’s residential schedules
  2. Child Support
  3. Responsibility for and contribution to child related expenses
  4. Spousal Support
  5. Division of Property
  6. Division of Debt

Separation and divorce

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Family Law Separation and Divorce Processes.

Daly Law offers Collaborative Family Law, mediation, arbitration and traditional negotiation services.

Diane Daly will inform you of your rights, responsibilities and options under Ontario law so you can make the best decisions for your future.


There are a number of different processes by which these issues are addressed and subsequently included in an agreement (or a court order) including:

  1. Traditional Negotiation

  2. Collaborative Family Law (also known as Collaborative Practice)

  3. Mediation

  4. Arbitration

  5. Court (court order and minutes of settlement)

There are two types of divorces: contested divorce and uncontested divorce. Daly Law specializes in alternatives to divorce court by using problem solving approaches and encouraging mutual respect.

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Divorce Lawyer

Knowledge is power. 

For over 20 years, Diane Daly and her team have helped families get started on the path to a better tomorrow. 

divorce lawyer Oakville Diane Daly lawAs a proud member of Family Mediation Canada, Diane Daly can show you a path to separation and divorce that keeps you in control of the process and out of the court system. 


Diane uses a problem solving approach that emphasizes the needs of the children.

Knowing you have a professional, knowledgeable divorce lawyer and her team on your side to preserve your interests can help ease the stress of separation and divorce.

The team at Daly Law is committed to protect your interests in custody, access, spousal and child support as well as division of property.

Diane Daly practices exclusively in family law and provides professional legal services to residents of Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton, Halton and Greater Toronto, Ontario.